1 On 1 Consult with Yami Mufdi

1 On 1 Consult with Yami Mufdi

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Have a question regarding Social Media or How to Start Your Own Clothing Line? Book a consultation with Yami below!

Want to build your prescence on Social Media? Here is what you can expect to discuss with Yami:

  • Analysis of all your social profiles
  • Social media strategies to apply to your specific brand
  • My tools, apps, and resources to immediately take action without the hassle of doing a ton of research
  • Actionable ways to improve your content
  • Any other social media topics that you’re struggling to find solutions for

And if you are needing help with your business, here are some things we can discuss:

  • Analysis of where you currently are in your business and immediate steps to take
  • List of resources that will be helpful for your journey
  • Actionable steps to take right away
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • And much, much more!

*Each Session is 60mins