Working Out On Your Period. Should You Do It?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately asking me if working out on your period is a no-no or a go-go. My straight answer? Absolutely! Below, I’ll give you a couple reasons why it's actually a great idea to workout during this dreaded time of the month and some tips to make it, well, a little more bearable!
Reason #1- Get More Out of Your Workout
Our cycles have an immense impact on our hormones. As females, we have higher estrogen levels than males which mean we derive most of our energy from fat during exercise. With that being said, being on your period is a great time to get in a workout, specifically, a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout. Why, you ask? When we start our period, progesterone and estrogen levels drop meaning we are able to better utilize glycogen aka our stored carbs! During this time we’re able to dig a little deeper and push harder than any other time of the month when our estrogen levels are higher. During this time you won’t only have more endurance but you’ll also have a much higher pain tolerance so next time you’re on your period, grab that extra weight and lift heavier!
Reason #2- Less Water Retention
Duh. Our bodies hold water. But did you know that when on your period, it's more common? That’s why we’re prone to feel more bloated and irritable. Water retention during our period happens because we’re not drinking enough water before and during our period. Dehydration causes water retention because the body likes to keep what it has and if it’s not getting anymore, it’s not going to flush out what it does have. So, how do we solve this? Drink more water! It’s extremely important to stay hydrated on a daily basis but to help reduce the bloating, make sure to stay hydrated during your period. I like to drink at least a gallon of water a day just to make sure that my body continues to do its job, and keep everything flushed and moving the way it should!
Reason #3- Reduces Stress
We all know that on our period, we’re more apt to increase our levels of stress and if you’re lucky(sarcasm), even have the occasional migraine. We also know that exercise affects our hormone levels, specifically, our endorphins. When we workout, our body secrets those endorphins that help reduce stress, headaches, and wait for it… cramps. The more we exercise, the more those endorphins are released, and the more we feel better. Say hellooo to relief!
Of course, these are all great reasons to get your workout on but if your body is telling you NO and that it wants you to lay low, then listen to it. There is no shame in that, baby girl! Just make sure you're not using it as an excuse to skip your workout, ya know? Mama didn't raise no quitter, 'nomsayin?
Okay, it your turn. Do you typically workout on your period or tend to skip the workouts? Let us know below!
All my love,

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